The Butterfly Effect

When a monarch butterfly changes from a caterpillar to a butterfly; the changes it goes through are significant. Its mouth alone takes on a whole new function from eating leaves to sucking nectar. It goes from a crawling insect to a flying one all in the matter of days. During this phase of metamorphosis it is completely dependent on the tree in which it hangs. Without a “host” plant, the butterfly is completely unable to make its transformation. This amazing process can act as a great analogy for many things in life including our life in Christ; however my purpose in providing this visual is to share of a dream I have for young women.  Recently I went out on a limb myself and signed up to be an Arbonne consultant. For those of you unfamiliar, Arbonne is a cosmetics/health and wellness company that produces pure and safe skin products.  I am using this really cool business to fulfill two of my passions; that I will get to in a moment. I want to point out though, it was not my life-long dream to become a consultant. In fact, my long list of degrees over-qualifies me. That statement alone makes me very aware of my prideful heart and the impact this little business is doing for me. It is beyond what I could have imagined. I am learning things about myself that really needed some refining and experiencing a metamorphosis of my own.


With that reflection out of the way, I want to share with you the two passions I have that led me to the business: I have had a growing interest, borderline anger issue, with the lack of government regulation on food and cosmetic ingredients allowed in our products.  I have learned that we have a government that is way too overloaded to keep up with the amount of chemicals and products that continue to go on the market. This makes the public very vulnerable to products and ingredients that are harmful for us…inside and out. The European Union alone has banned over 500 chemicals that are harmful to humans. Those 500 chemicals continue to be unbanned here in the United States. Our cancer and infertility rate continue to climb, with explanations that don’t really explain the continual rise. Although this issue alone deserves more attention, I don’t want to overload or bore you with my banter. What I am most excited about, is the second passion I have in the reason for starting this business:

I am using Arbonne as a platform to build a mentorship program for young girls transitioning from a harmful lifestyle into a life of freedom. I learned when I worked with this population in the past; the transition back into the community applying new life skills is a very difficult one.  It is not my goal to groom them to do the business, but to walk along side of them encouraging them in their life transition.  As the butterfly leans on the host plant to ready itself for new life, I too want to be that bridge that enables young girls to grow their wings and fly into the purpose created for them.

For my shameless plug: If you are interested in hosting an Arbonne Spa Party…I will come to your home and pamper a few of your friends and family with a warm foot soak and cleansing facial. I will coach your guests in safe skin care as well as share the plan of the business for young girls. AND you get to reap the benefits of hosting: $150 worth of products for $20 (with a minimum of 2 guest orders) as well as 35% off anything above your benefits and free shipping!! I make it worth your time for me to come love on your guests.  You can email me at  Thank you in advance!