The Tucker Family

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Brian, Heather, Elijah (10), Lily (9), Luke (7), & Remy (our Lab). Married for 12 years, from St. Louis, Missouri. Brian worked in the Medical Device & Capital Equipment industry for 14 years before laying it all down to obey God's invitation. Now he's a beginner farmer, beginner fisherman, 7th-9th grade teacher, beginner medic, beginner construction guy, beginner pastoral, apostolic care, & house of prayer director, full-time dad & husband. Heather volunteered in womens' recovery ministry & life-coaching. 

She's now using her Masters in Education & Seminary Certificate in Recovery Ministry as a beginner Home School Principal/teacher, womens' ministry director, womens' life coach, "mother" to a whole, whole lot of motherless kids, & Godly example to multiple villages. 

Our Story - Why us? Why Haiti? 

The Hilaire Family

Leens, Fafane, & Kate (18 months). Married July 18, 2015 as the 1st official couple married in our village. Leens grew up in Grand Vide & spent 3 years in the Dominican Republic in Medical School pursuing his dream to become a Pediatrician. He returned to Grand Vide after The Lord spoke to him to return. He obeyed; even though there was no opportunity to financially provide for himself. Now he's the Director of Operations of COHH, President of the Grand Vide Fishermans' Association, 7th/8th grade teacher, and prominent leader in our village.

Our board of directors & Advisors

 Randolph World Missions July 2016 Medical Mission Visit to Grand Vide

Randolph World Missions July 2016 Medical Mission Visit to Grand Vide